Evolve Bank & Trust Scholarship in Memory of E James House, Jr. (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law)

Recipients shall be a new or returning student at the University of Memphis CCH School of Law and shall be selected in accordance with the following process and criteria:
A. Undergraduate degree in business and/or a demonstrated interest in, or aptitude for, banking and finance, which could be reflected in prior work experience, professional background and/or class work
B. Full-Time status
C. Individual with strong character who has overcome adversity and/or demonstrated personal industriousness
D. First year students must meet law school undergraduate GPA median based on LSAC calculation. Returning students must meet the law review min GPA requirement of 2.67.
E. First preference, but not a requirement, shall be given to students who are graduates of Vanderbilt University.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your resume.
  2. Please provide a brief description (not to exceed 500 words) of your legal career goals and any legal experiences both paid and volunteered that you have had to date. If you have not had any specific legal experiences, please be sure to discuss your interests as well as your short and long term goals. Please indicate your undergraduate major and/or describe your interest in business, banking, and finance. Also, if you have overcome adversity please describe.