Freshmen Engineering Scholarship Application (College of Engineering)

When financial barriers prevent a talented individual from expanding or completing his or her education, it is a loss for society. At the U of M, we measure our success in the differences we make in students’ lives. Many scholarships are available, but to be considered, first you have to apply to the U of M. To apply for an engineering scholarship, visit

Awarded separately through the U of M and through Herff.

Freshman scholarships are 100% merit based.

$3,000 per year for 4 years ACT composite score of 30 and a 3.5 GPA
$5,000 per year for 4 years ACT composite score of 32, math ACT of 32 and a 3.5 GPA

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select you current grade.
  2. Provide your ACT/SAT Composite.
  3. Provide your ACT/SAT Math Subscore.
  4. Provide your weighted High School GPA.
  5. Provide your unweighted High School GPA.
  6. Please select an Engineering Field of Interest:
  7. I hereby give permission to the University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering to secure a copy of my transcript and test scores to be sent to the Herff College of Engineering Scholarship Committee and potential sponsors of my scholarship, if applicable.
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