C Cleveland Drennon, JR. Memorial Scholarship (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law)

1. Fully admitted to the Law School.
2. Demonstrated satisfactory academic achievement.
3. Subject to review by Law School faculty and the Law School Scholarship committee.
4. Must maintain full-time status.
5. Special consideration given to applicants who were student-athletes during their undergraduate education. 1st preference given to student-athletes who are graduates of the University of Memphis or Vanderbilt.
6. Recipient may retain scholarship from year to year upon approval by Law School Scholarship Committee and donor.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your resume.
  2. Please provide a brief description (not to exceed 500 words) of your legal career goals and any legal experiences both paid and volunteered that you have had to date. If you have not had any specific legal experiences, please be sure to discuss your interests as well as your short and long term goals. In addition, please share what sport you played during your undergraduate education and if you played at the University of Memphis or Vanderbilt.