Hino Motors Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship (Herff College of Engineering) DO NOT GO LIVE

Recipients will be students enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Quality Engineering, or Industrial Engineering
who have maintained an overall 3.0 grade point average during their Freshman and Sophomore years and
are in good standing with the University.

The first year (2016-2017), one Junior and one Senior recipient will be selected; thereafter, one Junior recipient will be selected.
Junior recipients may continue to receive the scholarship for their senior year provided they continue to meet the criteria as stated above and funding is available.

The scholarship award will be $4,500 per semester for a maximum of four semesters, assuming the recipients maintain a 3.0 grade point average and remain enrolled in one of the majors listed above and funding is available.

Additionally, a six-week paid internship will be offered in the summer between the Junior and Senior years.
Upon graduation, the recipients may be offered a 90-day paid internship. At Hino’s discretion, the students may then be hired, offered an extended internship, or be released. If the student is hired as a full-time Hino Employee, he/she may be reimbursed by Hino for tuition costs for their Freshman and Sophomore years ($4500 × 4 semesters – $18,000). Reimbursement will be contingent upon the student executing a three-year service agreement with Hino and will be paid by Hino in three equal installments not to exceed $6,000 payable at 12, 24 and 36 months of employment.