Black History Month - Scholarship (Student Academic Success)

Students must meet and submit the following criteria:

ƒ?› GPA Requirement: 2.75 minimum or higher (Scholarship is competitive and undergraduate cumulative grade point average will be highly considered)
ƒ?› Be a continuing student (where continuing is defined as students who have been at the University of Memphis for at least a semester)
ƒ?› Applicant must be an in state resident/US Citizen

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your Resume or Co-curricular Transcript from TigerZone
  2. Please identify organizations you are involved in within the Multicultural Affairs Office
  3. Please request a Letter of Recommendation from a community member/ staff not in the Multicultural Affairs Office
  4. How has your involvement with multicultural RSOs contributed to your experiences as a student at the University of Memphis and shifted your perspective on cultural issues? (ex. Are you more open to talking about the meaning of culture? Are you more understanding and respectful of others and their culture?)
  5. In what way did you contribute to the overall enhancement of diversity through your involvement in Multicultural RSOs?