Dr Naseeb Shaheen (College of Arts and Sciences)

1. Shall be enrolled full time in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Memphis.
2. Shall be a resident of Tennessee, Desoto County or Marshall Counties in Mississippi; or of Crittenden County in Arkansas.
3. Shall be classified as a juniors, seniors, or entering MAT/Secondary Licensure students.
4. Shall have demonstrated financial need.
5. Shall maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.
6. Shall be majors in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, or Geography. Award is intended only for students who plan to teach one or more of these subjects at the high school level.
7. May be eligible to retain the scholarship until completion of the Bachelor of Science degree, if he or she makes satisfactory academic progress, but in no case may the scholarship be retained for more than six semesters.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your resume.
  2. Compose a statement, no more than two pages in length (double-spaced), about your academic accomplishments, campus and community involvement, plans for future study at The University of Memphis, and goals for the future. Statement may be copied and pasted into this form.
  3. Are you a resident of Tennessee; Desoto County or Marshall Counties in Mississippi; or of Crittenden County in Arkansas?
  4. Please provide a personal statement as to why you are applying for this scholarship. Include any pertinent information about financial need, your family situation, and any other special information we should consider. Additionally, provide a list of all applicable extracurricular activities you feel should be considered. Ensure you include involvement with on and off campus organizations which have helped your personal and professional growth.
  5. Do you plan to teach Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, or Geography at the high school level?