Dean Richard R Ranta Bandmasters Championship Senior Class Award (Alumni Association)

Recipient shall be enrolled at the University of Memphis and shall be selected based on the following:
1. Applicant must be a high school senior in the fall of the year in which application is made.
2. Applicant’s high school band must participate in the Bandmasters Championship in same year.
3. Applicant must demonstrate intent to march in the University of Memphis Marching Band in the fall of the following year.
4. Once named a finalist, applicant must schedule an audition for the University of Memphis Marching Band.
Award is contingent upon recipient’s acceptance in the University of Memphis Marching Band.
If recipient does not meet all requirements, another will be selected from the group of finalists. Consideration will be given to financial need.

Applicants for this scholarship should contact the College of Communication and Fine Arts/Scheidt School of Music at email address as supplemental materials are required to complete the application process.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Did or will your HS Band participate in the Bandmasters Championship this year?
  2. Please upload your resume.
  3. Please provide a personal statement as to why you are applying for this scholarship. Include any pertinent information about financial need, your family situation, and any other special information we should consider. Additionally, provide a list of all applicable extracurricular activities you feel should be considered. Ensure you include involvement with on and off campus organizations which have helped your personal and professional growth.